A new generation of loudspeaker

Warwick Audio is a UK based company specialising in the development of Flat Flexible Loudspeaker, FFL technology for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our audio solutions are designed for customers developing and manufacturing audio products for public or multiple listener spaces. Working with us as your design partner, means that you will create products that go beyond perceived limitations. Our patented technology offers a reliable audio platform, delivering innovative design.


FFL technology is a special form of loudspeaker with major groundbreaking benefits for audio products. Re-engineering the leading performance of Electrostatic Loudspeaker [ESL] technology, we have developed a flat, flexible loudspeaker laminate, providing linear performance at low cost. Laminate fabrication is suitable for both custom and volume manufacture. And a host of additional features allow you to benefit from our technology in new and innovative ways.


The company was founded in 2001, following successful research conducted at The University of Warwick, School of Engineering, United Kingdom.


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