HPEL-based audio solutions have a number of key features:

These features make HPEL solutions appropriate for numerous consumer, professional and commercial applications.

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Automotive Sound Systems

Car interiors are a challenging environment for the audio designer – in the modern automotive industry, where so many electronic gadgets are now an expected part of the driving experience, space is constantly at a premium. With the emergence of new hybrid and electric vehicles, weight and power consumption have also become major issues.

With Warwick Audio’s transducer technology, small, flexible, ultra-thin laminate speaker panels can be incorporated into spaces where other loudspeakers simply would not fit. They can be hidden in door or roof linings, in door pillars – even in headrests. Our technology includes low voltage, highly efficient drive electronics that are ideal for integration within automotive environments.  

Warwick Audio’s technology brings a Hi Res Audio surround sound experience to the automobile for the first time. Our technology literally “raises the bar” of what can be expected of sound reproduction in an automotive environment. 


Headphones are the largest and fastest growing segment of the consumer electronics sound reproduction market. Headphones that offer premium audio performance - whether at home or “on the go” - would benefit the most from our advanced sound reproduction technology.

Warwick’s technology will enable many types of headphone products to achieve true Hi Res Audio performance, even at modest price points. Our technology can be applied in:

  • Ultra-high performance consumer electronic headphones for home use
  • Professional audio (studio monitor) headphones
  • Gaming headsets
  • High performance mobile headphones, including battery-powered and wireless
The first product with our technology incorporated into it is the Sonoma M1 Headphone System. Read about its outstanding performance here.


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Small Speaker Systems

Small form-factor loudspeakers have typically been constrained to lower fidelity performance, due primarily to transducer limitations and cost. Portable, battery-powered and wireless speakers rarely achieve high levels of audio performance and are often relegated as “commodity” products for background sound.

Warwick Audio’s technology enables far greater freedom of design for these types of products, while elevating their sound reproduction performance to true Hi Res Audio levels. Curved, thin panels with controlled directivity give both industrial and audio designers much more freedom to design outstanding, premium audio products that could be highly disruptive in their intended markets. And our low voltage, highly efficient drive electronics ensure compatibility with low power, portable applications.

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Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality systems are all about fooling our senses and immersing ourselves in a believable 3D environment. The goal is a realistic experience within a “virtual” world. Whether for gaming or for home theatre, VR systems rely on both visual and auditory fidelity to establish and maintain the illusion of reality.

While great strides have been made in visual technology, sound reproduction in the current generation of VR products has lagged considerably. Warwick Audio’s technology directly addresses sound quality by enabling Hi Res Audio performance and controlled directivity to be integrated into virtual reality headsets and speaker systems.

Our technology is an ideal complement to the advanced audio signal processing required to generate believable three-dimensional (3D) sound fields. Warwick Audio’s sound reproduction technology will enable the next generation of VR products to achieve significantly higher levels of realism, even at moderate price points.