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  • Thinner lighter diaphragm means a lower moving mass for improved high frequency extension and faster transient response
  • Very large diaphragm area without separate suspension components allows for superior low frequency fidelity with lower distortion
  • Uniformly-driven diaphragm driven across its entire surface area minimizes acoustical breakup modes and other anomalies
  • Elimination of magnetic drive systems prevents inherent distortion and hysteresis effects common in traditional transducers
  • Single-ended design eliminates bulky drive structures and delivers reduced acoustical reflections and diffraction
  • Thinner mechanical profile (< 8mm) enables greater freedom of design
  • Lightweight structure provides improved user utility
  • Scalable, automated manufacturing process delivers high quality audio at reduced cost
  • Precision manufacturing process delivers improved reliability

Customisable design through FEA modeling enables various sizes, shapes and performance levels to be created to meet nearly any design requirement.