Warwick Audio Showcases World First Portable Over-Ear Electrostatic Headphone

Warwick Audio Showcases World First Portable Over-Ear Electrostatic Headphone

Warwick Audio Technologies, Ltd (WAT), the company that produces the revolutionary new High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) audio speaker, is showcasing the world’s first portable, Over-Ear Electrostatic Headphone at CES 2017.

Based on Warwick’s new and innovative HPEL Portable Drive Electronics Module, this prototype delivers a step change in sonic quality for battery powered, wireless portable headphones.

Electrostatic speakers are generally acknowledged to deliver the clearest and purest audio reproduction of any speaker technology. However, until now, power hungry electronics and high costs associated with electrostatics have meant their use has been confined to high-end, mains powered audiophile headphones.

The efficiency of Warwick’s new drive system design has enabled the company to incorporate into the prototype an astonishing range of capabilities, while still enabling the unit to operate for 8+ hours between charges on a standard LiPo battery.

The design includes a high-end DAC, 64bit fixed point processing within an onboard DSP, aptXTM HD Bluetooth for wireless operation, and a 24bit/192kHz ADC within the analog input chain, demonstrating the full potential of what is possible in reproducing Hi-ResTM Audio in a portable unit.

Martin Roberts, CEO of WAT, commented, “Having promised the market last year to deliver this new prototype at CES 2017, we are absolutely delighted to not only have achieved that goal but to have vastly exceeded our expectations with the initial performance of this unit. We are excited by the potential of this technology to deliver a step change in the quality of audio reproduction to those who are passionate about music and want the best possible experience in a set of portable headphones. Our goal now is to work with our industry partners to bring this technology to market as quickly as possible.”

About Warwick Audio Technologies

Founded in 2002, Warwick Audio Technologies is a spin-out from the University of Warwick that specialises in the development of a new generation of planar transducers, the High Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL). Its patented HPEL technology delivers Hi-ResTM Audio reproduction to a wide range of consumer and business applications. The company enables Original Equipment Manufacturers to bring disruptive solutions to market through the provision of IP, HPEL transducers and proprietary drive electronics.

Its core target market is headphones, and in particular the premium portable market. It is also exploring longer term opportunities in other markets, in particular Automotive.

HPEL currently powers the recently announced Sonoma M1 open backed at home audiophile headphone system (www.sonomaacoustics.com). ).

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