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Following 10 years of patented research, Warwick Audio Technologies sets a new benchmark in sound quality and accuracy for today’s Hi-Res Audio reproduction.

Warwick’s HPEL’S produce realistic, natural and emotional sound which is comparable with the highest performance transducers currently in the market at a significantly lower cost.

Warwick will be demonstrating an open backed “at-home” reference design headphone and amplifier, the WAT-H01, to selected headphone brands and influencers in the audiophile sector.

The WAT-H01 is based on Warwick Audio’s lightweight, single ended electrostatic laminate transducer, delivering overall a smoother, flatter & more linear acoustical performance with excellent transient detail and spatial breadth.

Martin Roberts, Warwick’s Commercial Director said, “We are extremely excited to bring our technology to a market sector which is hungry for innovation. We look forward to working with brand partners throughout the course of 2016 to bring the first products based on our HPEL planar transducers to market.”